The Italian Brown breed, historical breed present in Italy since more than 150 years, derives from the Alpine Brown introduced in Italy since the sixteenth century. Its spreading has involved the whole peninsula and it is still rather common. The Brown breed stands out for the production of milk having a high level of casein, the most favorable for cheese making which allows higher production yields.  Parmigiano Reggiano produced with this milk is protected by the “disolabruna” trademark on the two flat sides of the cheese wheel and by the homonymous breeders’ consortium. From the center of the cheese wheel, in a radial pattern, there are the mark of the Consorzio di sola Bruna and the name of the producer. The cheese wheel is also marked with the serial number of the dairy, the month and year of production, and the casein plate, applied on the surface, which bears an alphanumeric code allowing the traceability of every single wheel. 


The milk of Brown Swiss cows, richer in K-casein B, has a higher calcium and phosphorus content and allows higher production yields, guaranteeing high quality and a particularly delicate and well-balanced tasty product. The higher fat and casein content is a characteristic that makes it unique because it cannot be found in the production of other breeds bred in the world. For this reason the taste is more intense, but at the same time delicate. The structure of the paste is softer due to the different composition of the fatty matter and the basic straw-yellow color intensifies as the cheese ages. The shape has a diameter of the flat faces is from 35 to 45 cm, the height of the heel is about 26 cm, the thickness of the crust is about 6 mm, while the average weight is around 40/42 kg.

One Parmigiano with two protection Consortia

Officially established in 1934, the Consortium of Parmigiano-Reggiano pursues the fundamental tasks of affixing the marks of conformity with the regulations of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), of supervising the production, the trade of the product and the correct use of the marks and safeguarding against counterfeiting, and of improving the quality of Parmigiano-Reggiano in order to safeguard its typicality and peculiar characteristics.

The “disolabruna” Consortium works for the promotion and the realization of activities aimed at enhancing, protecting and spreading the typical products deriving from Brown Swiss cattle registered in the National Herd Book. It carries out periodical controls on the production protocols, on the cows and on the organoleptic characteristics of the produced milk.