Cheese collectors for 4 generations.


We are cheese "collectors".

Because collecting has implications of an existential nature that concern the personal and sentimental sphere. Beyond the rituals connected with the act of collecting and cataloguing, those who love to collect find their own taste, aesthetic sensitivity and personality reflected.

Deep down, the collectionist is a romantic

A romantic who manages to reconcile what is apparently antithetical: passion with rationality. On the one hand the irrational sphere, which feeds research, on the other hand the analytical and rigorous dimension, which allows you to evaluate and place everything in its place by establishing appropriate hierarchies and relationships. This dualism is fueled by an immense curiosity for details that to many seem almost useless, and by imagination, which pushes him to undertake original paths that, for us, are realized with the search and selection of the detail that makes unique “that” product that is chosen and cared for. Translated with (free version)

A family of collectors

Passion and competence are a family trademark; elements that have characterized the Faraboli company for generations, leading it to dedicate itself to the activity of DOP cheese selection in order to create a selected “Collection” that it proposes to a market of connoisseurs and expert retailers who are able to appreciate the desire for research and perfection.